Only a Switch

After James saves Emily’s life, they instantly fall in love and get married. Upon telling her father the good news, James is left with a decision that will change his life forever.    

Only a Switch is a film that challenges and explores the roles of gender by how it is physically defined and what it actually represents and how a decision can alter life forever.

The story begins when James saves the life of Emily and they immediately fall in love.  The quick decisions continue as they decide to get married and tell her father. This meeting does not go well and ends with James facing serious jail time.

Our Love struck protagonist believes that there is only one way that the two can ever truly be together and elude her tyrannical father.  James can no longer continue life as a man but instead must transform himself into a woman and pretend to be his true love’s best friend. This crazy enigma develops in Shakespearean-like circumstance and takes him to the depths of Chinatown where an old Mystic creates him/her a new life, which is where our adventure really begins…